Ailment: space pixel dungeon Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]


Ivan Panasenko
February 14, 2021
5.1 and up
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Ailment 3.0.7 Mod Apk – Awesome action game of deadly disease Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite money) individually
tested with offline run

Ailment – a deadly diseaseIt is the title of a very attractive and exciting action style game that has become a popular game due to its unique features. The British studio BeardyBird Games is responsible for the production, development and release of this game. The first interesting and lovable feature that you will encounter as soon as Ailment is played is the Pixel Art designs, which are modeled on the popular and classic games of previous generations. The story of this game takes place on a spaceship at a distant point in the galaxy. From the game’s storyline, it appears that the spacecraft went into space to investigate as well as rescue another spacecraft from planet Earth. The main character of the game and his crew return to their spaceship after completing the mission and rescuing their colleagues from the mentioned spaceship, but due to an unknown incident, this main character of the game faints for a few days and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he does not remember much, and the only thing he remembers was the rescue mission. After he regains consciousness, he is terribly confronted with horrible events! With the exception of a few, almost all of the spacecraft’s crew and crew become bloodthirsty, like zombies, due to a deadly disease. Now he is stuck among dozens of moving dead and must try to save himself. the doorPlay Ailment Your task is to play this character, trying to make their lives and the lives of the survivors rescued and see where two or three days what happened and why all the crew you to shape their lives Lost and turned into strange and scary creatures. The style of play is very action-packed and full of fights, bloodshed and explosions. You must not allow zombies to approach the zombies with the help of various weapons and destroy them before they harm you and your friends.

Some features of Ailment Android action game:

  • Interesting graphics and two-dimensional pixel and classic designs
  • Action gameplay and different from the view above
  • Dramatic and exciting story
  • There are all kinds of hot and deadly greetings
  • Interesting animations and cutscenes
  • Existence of dialogues and conversations between characters
  • Impressive and very exciting voices
  • Existence of hidden items and points between stages
  • Ability to benefit from the help of friends and other survivors
  • Low volume and applicable on weaker devices

What's new

*Fixed bugs
*Adjusted camera
*Edited levels



MOD Info

  • Unlimited Money

Mod Info:

Unlimited Suns

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