Maguss – Wizarding MMORPG Mod Apk [Unlimited Money]


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March 18, 2020
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Maguss – Wizarding MMORPG Mod 1.031 Apk [Unlimited Money]

Start off by creating and customizing your own witch or wizard character. Travel the augmented-reality world, encounter creatures, collect ingredients and claim territories as you walk around and explore your locale.
● Location-based Adventuring – players travel through an augmented-reality map populated with places to explore, monsters to duel, ingredients to gather, and treasures to discover as well as territories to fight for and claim.
● Interactive Spellcasting – by drawing glyphs on their screen, wizards can cast over 50 spells, with powerful effects ranging from offense to protective charms and powerful curses.
● A 10-slot spell deck allows for strategy and tactics. Choose between Sorcery, Charms, Invocations, and Dark Arts. Remember, your choices may spell the difference between victory and defeat.
● Ranked PVP. Clash wands with other MMORPG players in an augmented-reality wizard duel. Choose between long (global matchmaking) and short-distance modes (local duels). Rise through the ranks to earn unique armour illusions.
● Choose from 4 mage classes with different base attributes and play styles: Paladins, Rogues, Wardens and Druids.
● 3 non-combat skills: Exploration, Herblore and Brewing. Players may craft potions to heal damage, cure afflictions, buff players and more using ingredients gathered from the game world. The right potion may go a long way in helping you on your quest.
● Various equipment pieces with different quality, unique stats and set bonuses. Obtain more from the wizard bazaar.
● More than 40 unique, handcrafted creature and beast types for you to duel: dragon, troll, genie, yeti, kappa, necromancer, demon, werewolf, drake and more.
● Rise through the ranks of the PVP league to become a champion in the MMORPG world of wizards.
● Amazing wizard lore – read about the history of wizards, sorcery, and magical creatures in the official guide.

What's new

WE ARE BACK with a better wizarding experience!
And we have a gift for you - gameplay hints!
- PvP unlocks at PLAYER LEVEL 5
- Try BREWING potions to heal and boost yourself
- Don’t forget to UPGRADE your armour using Gold and Sila
- Change your spells from the SPELLS menu
Try the new and improved Maguss:
- Critical bugs have been fixed
- Tutorial flow has been improved
- Difficulty has been adjusted
- Battle visuals and mechanics have been revamped




  • Unlimited Money

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