Turbo Stars 1.6.2 Mod Apk- fun and competitive game “Turbo Stars” for Android + trailer
mod version (unlimited Money) individually
tested with offline performance

Turbo Stars – Turbo Stars is another well-made, competitive and popular game from SayGames, a well-known studio in the style of racing games, which has been released for free but with the ability to purchase in-app and is available to Android users. Located around the world. This time, at your request, we decided to provide another interesting and popular game tested in two versions, normal and mod, for you dear ones, so that you can easily download the latest version in normal or mod from fast servers. Download Farsroid and experience an exciting game. Turbo Stars, like many other SayGames studio games such as OnPipe  ,  Jelly Shift  ,  Perfect Slices  ,  Battle Disc  , Hoop Stars  ,  Sand Balls  and  House Paint have a completely entertaining and entertaining structure, and accuracy and skill have a much higher priority over the story or other parts. Turbo Stars is one of SayGames games in competition with some VOODOO games such as Push’em all , and its design and characterization are very similar to the game. At Turbo Stars, you have to compete with other competitors in tight and fun matches. The races in this game are held in tube-like paths in suspension, and in them you have to try to be the first in these winding paths.


In Turbo StarsThere will be many obstacles and challenges at each stage of the game that will make things harder for you. These trails are designed so that you can slide on them like a ski and jump up to the corners and perform dramatic movements. These dramatic moves will bring you points and are an integral part of this game. Along the way, there are numerous launchers and other scoring items that you can collect and increase your score. But the priority in Turbo Stars is to collect the keys. Your main score at the end of each stage depends on collecting the same keys. With the money earned from game competitions, you can buy dozens of different items in the store. These items include skins, costumes and various characters, as well as various tools such as various and advanced skates. Although Turbo Stars is a very simple game, its fantasy graphics and 60 fps gameplay make it a very attractive experience for you. This beautiful game is currently being tested in two versions, regular and mod allmoddedapk can be downloaded. It is also worth mentioning that this game has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has achieved a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 .